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Written by Rachel Gillis and Jeanne Sommers

This Wiki, “Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy”, was created as part of an assignment for a Media and Technology Resources class.  Bloom’s Taxonomy outlines the thinking process by creating six categories , ranging from lower order thinking skills to higher order thinking skills.  Each category has a set of verbs associated with that concept which describes skills needed for that level of thinking.  The digital taxonomy has simply added verbs that apply specifically to modern technology. 

(Source: Churches, 2008- ). 

In our wiki, we describe digital resources that exemplify two categories of Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy: Remembering and Understanding.  These are resources that teachers and students can use to become better engaged in the learning process.



Remembering is the first level of Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy.  This is the level that is the lowest on the order of thinking skills.  Remembering includes skills such as locating, listing, recognizing, bookmarking, bullet-pointing, and “Googling”.  On the Remembering page, you’ll learn about Lino, a website that allows you to post website links, pictures, notes and more, all in one place.



Understanding is the second level of Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy which is described as the explaining part of the learning process. In order to show understanding one must be able to describe the concept, theory or subject they are learning about in order to show understanding. Today students must be able to demonstrate understanding using a variety of technical tools such as Boolean searches, blog journaling, twittering, categorizing and tagging, comments, annotation, and subscribing to the level of understanding. (Churches, 2008) After investigating many of these tools I will describe the various forms of blogging and how they are used in education.


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